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Better Choice, Healthy Life, Wellness for life

Our fundamental aim is offering to woman and men all over the world a better quality of life. Actviz is empowering people around the world to lead healthier lives by providing exceptional value in Dietary Supplements and other Natural Products. Today you’ll find Actviz products in many countries worldwide. We travel to several international trade shows annually to meet with distributors and customers, and we travel in search of new markets and new prospects. With many years of experience in the international market, we are familiar with the documentation needed for international product registrations and exports. We employ a dedicated, sales and customer service staff whose goal is to assist our valued distributors and customers with a wealth of expertise and experience in international exports.


Global Presence

Join us at Global Level By Becoming a Distributor

Contact us today to find out how, together, we can provide high-quality nutritional products to consumers worldwide and help people lead healthier lives. Please contact us at or 

Our Business Development Philosophy;

We value relationships with local and international partners. We know that good partnerships are key to success. We know that the key to success is for both parties to identify and commit to a shared vision with well-defined goals. We also know the importance of a streamlined business development process that emphasizes flexibility, focus, efficiency, and transparency in communications and dealings, with the goal of forming a creative “win-win” strategic alliance that benefits both parties.


 Actviz Pharma works with companies Local & worldwide and ensures that there are opportunities for multiple types of partnership with flexible structures that facilitate a professional yet personal relationship. Between our latest, state of the art facilities manufacturing (CGMP)  and exceptionally skilled marketing department.

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